Showroom for Outstanding Product Solutions: The German Design Council Presents the Winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Interior in Cologne

Showroom for Outstanding Product Solutions:

The German Design Council Presents the Winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Interior in Cologne


Frankfurt am Main, 24 May 2023

The German Design Council will award the winners of the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior on June 3, 2023, during the imm cologne 2023 and PASSAGEN Interior Design Week 2023. The award recipients will be showcased in an exclusive exhibition at the Design Post Cologne from June 4 –7.

As a barometer for current trends and developments in interior design, the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior are awarded each year to the most important international design innovations by a distinguished jury of industry experts. The award-winning projects, with the distinctions "Best of Best," "Winner," and "Selection," impressively demonstrate how contemporary design can successfully combine social, environmental, and economic aspects. Key topics include resource conservation, the circular economy, and future-oriented innovations. Many designers are utilizing innovative materials and technologies to minimize the environmental footprint of their products.


Intelligent Design Conserves Resources!

The stackable stool "Meditri" by Johannes Müller uses interlocking elements instead of screws and nails and is made from wood scraps, which not only saves materials but also effectively repurposes waste from wood production. Another project that saves resources through intelligent design is the flexible kitchen system "J*GAST" by Munich-based interior design studio Holzrausch. This kitchen features a flat frame mounted on the wall as a starting point for individual customization. By using this principle to avoid double side panels, the system saves 45 percent of materials when compared to conventional kitchens.

Another significant characteristic of sustainable furniture is its durability and recyclability. The "Bodd Litt Sofa" by Monoliving is made from 65 percent recycled materials and is fully recyclable. The NEOO carpet by OBJECT CARPET is 100 percent circular and consists of pure, partially recycled polyester. As a result, it can be fully recycled without any loss of quality: most carpets still need to be disposed of due to their material composition. OBJECT CARPET not only ensures transparency in communicating the material composition and manufacturing process of NEOO but also defines the process of reclaiming and reprocessing the materials used, which is a key factor for the circular economy.


New Dimensions in Process and Material!

In addition to the industry's efforts to increase the recyclability of materials, research on new materials and optimized manufacturing processes is essential. An example of the transformation of a material is the evolution of 3D printing in recent years. Previously rigid and brittle, furniture made through 3D printing can now showcase a variety of shapes and textures. 3D printing offers a resource-efficient manufacturing technology that does not generate excess material waste. The "Loom" seating furniture by Recozy, for instance, is made from recycled plastic and features a design with hollow spaces that save on material during the printing process, resulting in an elegant and modern furniture form.

"The engagement with one's own social responsibility and the implementation of new solutions for a more liveable future are essential components of contemporary design," emphasized Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council. "Among the winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Interior, we see intelligent approaches that delve deeper and reflect the interplay of social, environmental, and economic influences. We encourage designers and manufacturers to embrace the challenges of our time and develop forward-thinking solutions."


Design for People

However, not only resource conservation, but also user-centricity and intuitive usability are at the forefront of this year's ICONIC AWARDS. A particularly successful example of this is the project "Lotte" by Sarah Hossli. The designer has created a remarkably intuitive design with her armchair. Developed for older people, "Lotte" impresses with its seemingly simple yet very sophisticated form. The elongated and slightly rising armrests encourage users to unconsciously lean forward and shift their weight to the front when getting up. This minimizes the risk of falling. To ensure that the chair functions perfectly, prototypes were tested and optimized in various care communities. "Lotte" demonstrates how functionality, flexibility, and ergonomics are closely linked to intuitive design.


The most important information at a glance:

Award ceremony & Exhibition

3 June 2023, 6:30 pm

Award ceremony for award winners, honoured guests, and journalists

3 June 2023, 7:30 pm

Exhibition opening

4 – 7 June 2023, Sun-Thu 9 am — 2 pm, Wed 9am — 6pm

Exhibition open for public


4 June, 4:45 pm

Lutz Dietzold (CEO, German Design Council) in conversation with Elisabeth Vestre

4 June, 6:20 pm

Insight into the winners' exhibition with selected manufacturers and designers

Event location

Design Post, Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 22A, 50679 Cologne

Images and press information:


Exclusive invitation to the ICONIC AWARDS - Talks

Visit the exhibition and learn more about the winners of this year's awards at one of our ICONIC AWARDS - Talks.


Sunday, 4 June 2023, 4:45 pm

Interview with special award winner "Brand of the Year" - Vestre:

Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director of the German Design Council, talks to Elisabeth Vestre about the development of the Norwegian furniture company, which is considered a pioneer in the field of sustainable production. Together with Lutz Dietzold, Elisabeth Vestre will discuss the significance of design in urban spaces and provide important impulses for companies with her experiences.


Sunday, 4 June 2023, 6:20 p.m.

Exhibition Talk: In conversation with the award winners, you will gain an insight into the work of manufacturers and designers and learn about the important issues currently occupying the industry and the new manufacturing methods and design processes that are currently being developed.


ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior

The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior honours the best of the best in the furniture and interior design industry. The award creates a unique platform for an exchange among architects, product designers, and real estate developers.


The Jury

Barbara Friedrich, design journalist – Hamburg

Monica Förster, Monica Förster Design Studio – Stockholm

Piero Lissoni, architect, designer, and art director – Milan

Tobias Lutz, Founder of Architonic, Chief Strategy & Brand DAAily Platforms – Zürich

Sebastian Wrong, “Established and Sons” and “Wrong Shop” – London


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